A woman lost 20 kilos of weight with this simple but effective recipe that her grandmother left her! Here, we’re going to show you how to prepare it!

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Currently, there are many people who want to lose weight. The ideal figure has become the goal of many people and they attempt to acquire it no matter what. Many people risk their lives by losing weight. They start with impossible diets, strenuous exercise, or submit themselves to surgery. It helps them lose weight, but still, is it worth it becoming unhealthy? You must have good health. It’s extremely important. If you’re one of the people who is trying to lose weight, try to do it in a healthy way without side-effects. Nature can always help us by offering its amazing remedies.


The help of natural elements to improve health
A balanced diet, as well as half an hour of physical activityevery day is what every doctor and nutritionist recommends in order to help us have good health. The best method to lose weight, without having to submit to risks, is in natural medicine. The use of natural elements provides us with extra benefits that no other method can give us. Here, we’re presenting you a video that will give you the solution to being overweight without damaging your health.

See how this woman lost 20 kilos in a natural way!
We hope that with the help of lemon, you can acquire the figure you want, while you fill your body with the benefits that only lemon can offer us.

This is the classic single serve recipe provided in Stanley Burrough’s book:

2 (tbs). of lemon or lime

2 (tbs). of genuine maple syrup

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

10 oz. water (hot or cold as preferred)

For those who cannot enjoy their lemonade, Tom offers this alternative:

1. Mix equal parts of lemon juice and maple syrup as a concentrate in a dark container. Keep this mixture cool.

2. Make enough concentrate for as long as you are incapable of making the fresh lemonade juice.

3. Every time you want a glass of lemonade, measure 4 tbs. of this mixture in a glass.

4. Add water and cayenne pepper, stir and drink. The maple syrup preserves the lemon juice and prevents oxidation of the vitamin C and enzymes.

Tom Woloshyn fondly recalled Stanley Burrough’s remarks. He was said to have repeated many times over a phrase most technical people use when instructing frustrated customers, “When all else fails, follow the instructions.” In order to ensure success and experience the benefits of the Master Cleanse Detox diet, it is essential to understand how to do the program properly. Faithfully following what has been prescribed is the first step in this direction.

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