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These leaves can do everything from removing varicose veins, headaches and avoid memory loss!

Laurel leaves for Filipinos are common ingredients mostly used for cooking ‘lutong bahay’ dishes especially mouth-watering Adobo whether it be chicken or pork, these herbs will not be missing in action.

But, these leaves are definitely not only for kitchen use but it is actually beneficial for our overall health. Laurel leaves are packed with medicinal properties which can be used as oil that will help our body.

Benefits of Laurel Leaves:
– Calms the worried gadget.
– Strengthens the immune machine.
– Decreases the issues with the colon.
– Decreases and stimulates the procedure of sweating.
– Improves the intellectual pastime in trendy.
– Could be very beneficial in painful joints and it helps in cases of varicose veins.

– 250 ml of olive oil
– 30 grams of laurel leaves

How to make:
– Overwhelm the sheets with a mortar.
– You need to be aware a touch bit of oil comes out of them.
– Depart them to dry.
– Then, placed the olive oil over them and keep them in a glass jar.
– Cowl it and to go away it to rest like that for 2 weeks on a groovy and dry location.
– After a while, you have to change the beaten leaves with new ones, so that the aroma can accentuate with the help of the equal process.
– Cowl and leave it for two greater weeks.
– Strain the oil.
– Use a chunk of gauze or cotton.

– Squeeze the cloth as a whole lot as you can to hold the minimal viable oil.

Benefits of Laurel Oil:
– It’s far favored to apply it warmed up.
– Rub the oil on the affected region.
– You may additionally use it for ear problems or to treat a migraine.
– For robust ache inside the head, rub down this oil on the temples and the ache will disappear unexpectedly.
– You may even update aspirin using laurel oil due to the fact this oil reduces body temperature.
– Laurel oil improves the appetite.
– It helps you dispose of stomachache and intestinal problems.
– It normalizes the renal and hepatic function.
– This oil can also be used as a lotion to resolve skin problems.
– It’s miles a completely powerful and may be used as a lotion against blackheads and zits.

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