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Today many people have problems with hair loss, this is not a problem for men but also women. The first thing you notice people’s hair to be healthy, beautiful, long and shiny will present a natural shampoo that will help you keep healthy hair.

There is an in the market large number of shampoos and hair products but they contain a large number of chemical compounds that can damage the hair. To maintain your hair healthy, strong and shiny make this recipe and the results in a short time you will notice.



– 700 ml shampoo (shampoo for babies)
– 30 ml AD drops
– 50 ml of castor oil
– 2-3 ampoules vitamin B complex
– 100 ml panthenol, aqueous solution

All ingredients are put in shampoo and mix and use this shampoo for your hair and only using a couple of times you will notice improvements in hair. The most important thing is that this shampoo helps prevent hair loss and renewal.

This shampoo will help the health of your scalp will clean dandruff and improve the quality of your hair.

The natural ingredients make this a very effective shampoo for hair will improve circulation, metabolic processes in the epidermis, to be shiny, healthy, will improve growth.

  • AD drops act regenerative of the scalp and tissue. These drops are recommended for damaged hair and skin and they are very useful for strengthening hair.
  • Vitamin B complex nourishes the hair and makes it strong and shiny and prevents cracking of the fiber.
  • Daily sufficient amount of B-complex enables timely supply of hair follicles with oxygen that is required for proper hair growth. Vitamin B complex is very important for people who have problems with hair loss, dandruff, dry hair, cracked hair and helps the health of nails.
  • Panthenol contains vitamin B5 which stimulates the regeneration, tissue, hair. He has an important role in the conservation of the functions of the skin, mucous membrane, hair, and nails. Panthenol protects the skin and provides moisture and restores natural pH. This solution is good for all types of hair and helps with damaged hair because it stimulates growth and prevents hair blooming.
  • Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and acid prevents the action of free radicals or their harmful impact on the skin and strengthen hair colliculi. It prevents clogged follicles that slow down the growth of hair and make slick.

Try this recipe and make his power for a short period.

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