Cure Anemia in Only 7 Days: You only Need Apples and Nails

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Anemia can cause some very serious diseases. If you suffer from anemia, then you should definitely try this-an already proven, homemade remedy which will help you to improve your blood count.

This folk remedy for treating anemia might seem a little crazy, but many people claim that this recipe has really helped them.

What should you do with the nail and apple?

First, you should wash and dry an organic apple, then clean some iron nails (approximately 10) and take a small copper wire, which should be cleaned with alcohol(copper wire helps with iron absorption). Dry them and insert them in the apple, the best place is around the stem.

Leave the apple through the night (around 12 hours).

The next morning, remove the nails and the cooper wire and then you can:

Eat the whole apple

Make an apple juice

Grate it in a bowl and then add 1 tablespoon of honey and a lemon juice (half a lemon is enough).

You should consume this remedy on an empty stomach.

Repeat this procedure for 7 days. Wash the already used nails and cooper wire and then insert them into a new apple. Leave the apple overnight.

You do not need to wash the nails and the cooper wire after each use, you can just remove the accumulated deposits and then again, insert them into another apple.

You should use this remedy for at least 7 days, but of course, you can use it even longer if you want.

Do not be afraid of getting tetanus because the iron goes into the digestive system where it is absorbed, not in the bloodstream.

In the past, this drink was recommended to new moms. Nails oxidize due to the humidity in the apple.

People who have used this remedy claim that it is less toxic than any other iron supplements that are sold in pharmacies. If we compare the process of producing sprayed apples and nail, believe or not, nails are not even a problem!

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