Are You Addicted to Your Phone? Here’s How Its Light Affects Your Brain!

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When we get ready to go to bed, we like to check all our social media profiles, send a few texts of our friends, or loved ones, be sure to not miss anything, and so on.  But do you know that smart phones disrupt your body?

Bright blue light emitted from a smart phone is essentially the same light the sun radiates, and tricks the brain to think that it is still day. So, even when you think you’re dead tired and could not keep your eyes open, if you look on your Smartphone you will be awake soon after.

As a result of this light on the Smartphone screen, it stops your brain from the release of melatonin, a hormone that is used to induce sleep, and prevents you fall asleep.

Are You Addicted to Mobile Phones
Are You Addicted to Mobile Phones

Experimental studies have revealed that the average person who uses a mobile device before they go to sleep can actually have trouble falling asleep.

What is more interesting is that this effect is more prominent in teenagers. People who are in their adolescence are much more sensitive to the effects of light than adults. So, watching TV shows, playing video games, or just using the phone can prove that getting up early in the morning is one of the hardest things for teenagers.

Science advised to turn off all devices with blue light for two hours before going to bed so that your body will start to release melatonin at the appropriate time and so your brain does not think that it’s still light outside. You will notice, things will be very different after the adaptation to this way of life, but you will have the best rest in bed.

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