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Pee is your body’s liquid waste, mainly made of water, salt, and chemicals called urea and uric acid.


Your kidneys make it when they filter toxins and other bad stuff from your blood. A bunch of things in your body, like medications, foods, and illnesses, can affect how yours turns out.

Urine is sterile and nontoxic, but there are a lot of reasons why it is beneficial to you. Urine is primarily made up of glucose, amino acids, and electrolytes, all of which are not dangerous.

Here are a few benefits of urine:

1. Peeing in the shower

Firstly, you save plenty of water, which would’ve been used to flush down your pee. Secondly, saving water is like saving the environment. Most of us are in the shower every day, so it totally makes sense to tinkle and wash simultaneously. Also, you will save tissue paper, which means you’re saving trees, too.

2. Disinfect wounds

Yes, your scrapes and bumps can be cleaned off with fresh urine. It soothes your tissues as well. You can also use someone else’s urine as long as the “volunteer” doesn’t have any infections. But of course, if it’s a serious injury, you need to visit a doctor.

3. Skin care

Urine is helpful in battling skin issues like psoriasis or eczema. Urea is an active ingredient in a lot of skin creams and ointments. Urea is present in high amounts in your early morning pee. You can rub some urine on your skin and let it be for a few hours before cleaning your skin again.

4. Fungi

Urine is also beneficial in fighting against those awful fungal infections, like those on your feet. It works best if you rub urine on the infected area and let it soak overnight. After a few weeks, your symptoms will improve. Again, if it is serious, then we advise you to go to the doctor.

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