The manufacturers of NIVEA don’t want you to know this! Here, we’re going to show you their secret recipe! It’s very easy! Wow!

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Have you ever heard about Nivea cream?You certainly have, because it is advertised in any part of the world because it contains nourishing properties. It is a type cream that serves for everything: hydrates your skin, treats your wounds, it’s suitable for babies etc. It possesses moisturizing properties.


Well, here in this article, we’re going to present you how to prepare this famous cream at home! You won’t have to buy it ever again! You’ll save money and you’ll have a wonderful homemade natural cream without any harmful ingredients that won’t cause any side-effect!

½ a cup of karitébutter or cocoabutter
– ½ a cup of coconutoil
– 3 tablespoons of avocado oil or any other oil (olive or almond)
– 12 drops of essential lavenderoil

Step by step preparation:

1.-The first thing that you have to do is to warm up all the ingredients except the essential oil.

2.-Wait for the ingredients to be completely molten.

3.-Leave the mixture to cool down on room temperature for 8 hours or leave it 2 hours in the fridge, but make sure it doesn’t harden. Make sure it stays soft.

4.-Put the mixture in a container with a lid and add the essential oil in it. Mix the preparation again for 15-20 minutes using your hands. Your cream is now prepared! Use it whenever you like!

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